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( "the price is right" theme playing ) >> george: here it comes, from the bob barker studio at cbs in hollywood, it's "the price is right!" thomas fitzgerald, come on and michelle myers, come on down! earl schoen, come on down! christine nasse, come on down! thomas fitzgerald, come on down! ( cheers and applause )
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you are the first four contestants on "the price is right." and now, here's your host, drew carey! >> drew: what's up? welcome to the show! rachel reynolds, everybody. rachel reynolds. nice to have you, welcome to the show. say hi to george gray, please. >> george: hey everybody, welcome to the show! >> drew: are you ready to get started "let's go with the first prize up for bid today on "the price is right". >> george: look up as the first prize comes down. it's a selection of designer ladies' sunglasses. ( cheers and applause ) block out the rays with four pairs of shades from tom ford. includes three rounded frames and one aviator-style pair. çó >> drew: tom ford sunglasses, goes to who ever bids close
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toast the actual retail price without going over. thomas, we're going to start with you. >> 600, drew. >> drew: $600. christine? >> 550. >> drew: $550. earl? >> 1,000. >> drew: $1,000. and michelle? >> 651. >> drew: 651. good luck to everybody. actual retail price for four pairs of tom ford sun glasses is $1,480. earl, come on up here. what's up, buddy, welcome to the show, how are you doing? >> great. >> drew: nice to meet you. where are you from? >> sacramento. >> drew: sacramento, california everybody. that's writ all happens in this state. what do you do up in sacramento? >> i'm a retired drug manager. >> drew: hey, what's up, nice to meet you. george, what do we have for earl today? >> george: a trip to tahiti.
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( cheers and applause ) you and a guest will fly round- trip coach from los angeles to tahiti for a five-night stay in a premium suite at the oceanfront radisson plaza resort tahiti. each of the 152 rooms is tastefully decorated in a contemporary tahitian style with stunning views of matavai bay in every room. unwind at the radisson plaza resort tahiti. plus, ride out to fisher bay for an unforgettable swim with the dolphins. >> drew: the game is called coming or going, easy game. make the numbers so they're coming towards you, or make them so they're going away from you, $9,897. that's all you gotta do is tilt it one way or the other. if you get it the right way you're on your way to tahiti.
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$9,897. for a trip to tahiti, five nights. ready, earl? >> yes. >> drew: one, two, three, light it up! you got it! you're on your way to tahiti! that's the way to start out the show. hey, george, let's get another contestant up here right away. >> george: jillian grant, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> drew: hi, jillian. and let's see the next prize, go ahead, george. >> george: a new desktop computer. ( cheers and applause ) this dell computer comes with an impressive one-terabyte hard drive, six gigs of ram, and a 24-inch widescreen hd monitor. speakers and printer included.
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>> drew: jillian, we're going to start with you. what do you bid? >> 1300. >> drew: $1300. good luck. michelle? >> let's go with 1225.çó >> drew: 1225. thomas? >> 1400. >> drew: $1400. christine? >> one dollar. >> drew: one dollar!ñi actual retail price is $1,209. christine. >> oh my gosh! i got it! oh my gosh! hi, drew! oh, my gosh. >> drew: how are you? >> i'm fine, how are you? >> drew: i love that picture on your shirt. >> my family. i'm so excited. >> drew: where are you from? >> i'mçó fromñi lavaja heights.
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>> drew: i like it when people have to think about where they're from. sometimes i hate to give a prize to people because you never know what they want, it like crazy, right,, it's like christmas, right, george?ñi >> george: a chance to win $25,000 in cash. >> oh my god! >> drew: we're playing a game called punch a bunch. we have all these cards hid then this punch board and you can earn up to four punches, there's a card that says $25,000 in it, hid then the board. that would be a good one to get. there's two $10,000 cards. four, r $5,000 cards. it goes tall way down to 100 bucks. more than you walked in with. so let's go for the big money, you you have to get the punches by knowing the price of these small prizes over there. let's start with the first prize, go ahead, george.
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>> george: first, available at, the new moen home care grab bar with corner shelf provides style and stability in the bath while keeping items within safe reach. moen: buy it for looks, buy it for life. >> drew: see something like that every time you go to the hardware store. $89. is the actual retail price i'mer or lower than $89? >> lower. >> drew: lower. it is lower.ñr >> thank you! oh my god! >> drew: let's goçó onto the hair dryer. the ionic technology of this hair dryer reduces frizz and provides more manageability. >> drew: 20 bucks. is the actual retail price higher or lower? >> higher. >> drew: higher. it is higher. $35. there's two punches. next one, please. this iced tea brewing machine automatically steeps tea at the proper temperature and adds your preferred amount of sugar. >> drew: sweet tea.
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$29. is the actual retail price higher or lower? >> higher. >> drew: higher than $29. it is 50 bucks! >> thank you! >> drew: three punches. finally. make brick oven-style pizzas at home with this dome pizza oven that lets you bake six personal pizzas at once. >> drew: wow. 150 bucks. higher or lower? >> lower. lower. >> drew: lower. it is lower. good job. christine, part a is over, you've got four punches, okay. now, you need a little bit of luck. four punches, there's one $25,000 card, two $10,000. just punch away. one, two, three, four, boom. no messing around. she went right for it. hope you kept track. you were speeding on that.
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christine, i think you got a pretty good first card here, it's going to be a pretty good decision. $5,000. $5,000. now, listen, christine. if you go for another card, you're throwing this away. >> i know that. i watch it all the time. >> drew: so youxd know how it goes. you want to keep your 5,000 which is pretty good? >> i'm keeping it. >> drew: you're not going to go for my more? >> no, i'm keeping it. thank you, thank you! >> drew: this one next, right? if you want to throw away the 5,000 you would have had 250. and we know what would have happen with that one, she would have thrown that one away. then you would have got 1,000. then your hopes would have been up and thought i'm fine with that. where is the last one? then you would have say i gotta go for one more and you would have thrown away that
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and would have ended up with00 bucks. >> thank you, drew, thank you so much. thank you, thank you! >> drew: here you go. a hug for manuela. stay right here. everybody stay right here. don't anybody go away. we have lots more show coming up. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium.
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could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! ♪ activia prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >> drew: welcome back ladies and gentlemen to "the price is right". george gray, who's next, please? >> george: leizel vergara, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> drew: leizel! welcome to the show, good luck. hey, george, you got another
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prize for us? >> george: here comes our next prize. check it out: it's a new bass guitar. ( cheers and applause ) spector presents this rex-4 bass guitar. it features a three-piece bolt- on maple neck construction with graphite reinforcement. from spector. and we've added ten private bass guitar lessons so you can learn basic skills like strumming, fretting, and notes. retail value based on a national average. >> drew: hey, leizel what do you bid for the bass guitar? >> 400. >> drew: $400. jillian? >> 700. >> drew: $700. michelle? >> $1800. >> drew: $1800. thomas? >> 800. >> drew: $800. actual retail price is $2,000! welcome to the show. right here, right here.
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you're a music teacher? >> no, i play guitar. >> drew: you play guitar, but not the bass?4x >> no. i'm going to learn now, i'm going to learn. >> drew: you can give it to a partner and get a ban together? >> yes. >> drew: where are you from? >> i'm from connecticut. >> drew: connecticut. hey, george, put yourself in her shoes you're a guitar player you're out here in l. a. trying to win a prize, what would you want? >> george: a collection of camcorders, a water filtering pitcher, and a new mountain bike. first, catch all the action on these four colorful high-def camcorders. two offer eight gigabytes of space to store two hours of video, while the other pair have 16 gigs to record up to four hours each. second, this water filter removes impurities, reduces the taste of chlorine, and has a ten-cup capacity. third, this ladies' mountain bike has a lightweight and rugged aluminum frame with
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durable front suspension. finally, a new car! ( cheers and applause ) it's the fiat 500 pop hatchback. features a 1.4-liter engine, six-speed automatic transmission and speed control, plus a rear cargo organizer. it's the fiat 500. ñi >> drew: here's the game. the game is called line them up. here's the prices for those prizes, cam korld 758. that means that the next number in the price is a seven, a five or an eight. the pitcher, $32. so make this a three or a two. and the mountain bike, 649. so the price of the bike is $649. all you have to do is line up the right numbers. if you're right, you win a brand new car. go ahead, michelle.
11:16 am
seven, five or eight. eight. pitcher, a three or a two. three. finally, a six, four or nine. six. all right, michelle. step right over here. $18,368. is she right? oh, michelle, come on over here. look, you didn't get it right, but guess what, you get a second chance on this game. isn't this nice of us? >> yes. >> drew: how many numbers does she have right? none! you don't have a single number right. which is good. on this game. because you don't have to guess which ones you have to change.ñr
11:17 am
i like the set. the two, had to be a two because it wasn't a three. i'm worried about the four and the nine, that's it. $17,248. oh, michelle, there's a lot riding on this. is she right? you got it! way to go, michelle, you got yourself a brand new fiat. guess what, the show is just flying by, we're going to be spinning the wheel right after this. >> thank you, grandpa, this is for you. ñr
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>> drew: welcome back everybody to "the price is right"! christine, we're going to start with you. start spinning that wheel. she won $5,000 on punch a bunch. want to say hello to somebody? >> i want to say hi to my family, my boyfriend jim, my daughter amber, amanda. and all my friends at work. >> drew: there you go, 50. >> what should i do? yeahçó. >> drew: 50 and no, it will be a 95. i was worry about you going over. 55. earl, be careful, people go to
11:22 am
the showcase with a 55. anybody you want to say hi to? >> frank nixon, jae schaeffer, all my friends in oklahoma and texas and my beautiful wife quinn. >> drew: how about a tie. right now it's tied, you guys would have a spinoff if she would beat you, or you can spin one more time and try to beat it. >> i think i'll spin. >> drew: dp you're going to spin, oh man. you're not a bird in had the hand guy, you want the two in the bush. 55 and 25? oh! earl, sorry, buddy. michelle, come on over here, just won yourself a new car. go ahead. want to say hi to somebody? >> my mom, my dad, all my family,... >> drew: you're on your way to the showcase! michelle is on her way to >> george: to order tickets
11:23 am
online to "the price is right," simply go to under "shows" and "daytime," select "the price is right." click on "tickets" at the top of the page. showcase with a 90. if you want tickets to the show, you want to join the party party here, go toñr we have more show coming up. [ female announcer ] do you want strong, beautiful hair?
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talk to your doctor about nexium. >> drew: welcome back everybody to "the price is right"! george gray, who's next, please?xd >> george: john schadek, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right."
11:26 am
>> drew: hey, john. george, next prize, please. >> george: around on the turntable comes a new washer and dryer. ( cheers and applause ) this front-load washer boasts a quick wash option that has your load finished in 20 minutes, and the ultra-capacity dryer reduces energy use by up to 35%. >> drew: john what do you bid? >> 1900. >> drew: $1900. >> 2200. >> drew: leizel? >> 2201. >> jillian? >> 1423. >> drew: 1423. actual retail price is $1,99 l 8. john, come on up here. nice to have you, welcome to
11:27 am
the show. >> good to see you. >> drew: ohio state is hosting the ohio state michigan game this year? >> yes, they are. >> drew: i think i might thrb. in the meantime, guess what we've got for you, go ahead, george. >> george: a new harley! ( cheers and applause ) this harley-davidson sportster 72 boasts an air-cooled 1,200-cc evolution engine, chrome exhaust, self-canceling turn signals, and a tapered peanut fuel tank. >> drew: the game is called the range game. in a second this red area is going to start going up the scale here, when you see the price of the harley in the red area hit the button. if you're right you win the harley. ready? here we go. amber isxd waiting, i'm waiting. you'd look -- you look good onñr a harley, amber. no helmet law in ohio, either, you can ride it just like
11:28 am
that. $12,200 is the low number. coming up to 12,400. you'd think somebody from ohio would know the price of a harley, seems like a natural thing. $12,500, headed up to -- he hits the button. a little over the halfway mark. $12,340 all the way up to 12,490 something. ready? ready to win a harley? >> let's do it. >> drew: one, two, three, light it up! oh. man. sorry, man. that was close. just waited a little too long. got yourself a
11:29 am
11:30 am
>> drew: welcome back everybody to "the price is right". hey, george gray, who's next, please? >> george: jiah vraa, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> drew: hi, jiah, welcome to the show, good luck to you. george, next prize, please. >> george: an air hockey table. ( cheers and applause ) the brunswick v-force air hockey table features electronic scoring and sound, durable aluminum rails, scuff- proof playing surface, and exceptionally fast play. only from brunswick, since 1845. >> drew: yeah!
11:31 am
jiah what could do you bid? >> 420. >> drew: 420. thomas? >> 950. >> drew: $950. leizel? >> 795. >> drew: 795. jillian? >> 701. >> drew: 701. actual retail price is $999! thomas, come on up here. thomas. nice to see you. i'm happening, you're happening. where are you from? >> chicago. >> drew: chicago, everybody. the windy city. what do do you in chicago? >> i just moved matter of fact i just moved to california about seven months ago. >> drew: for what? >> never leaving, i'm here. >> drew: he just came up to california for no reason folks from chicago, can't believe that. george, he's out here, no job,
11:32 am
no purpose, just wanted to come to california what can we do to help straighten him out? >> george: designer accessories, a steam shower, and a gas grill. ( cheers and applause ) first, this bcbg collection includes a leather tote with silver stud detailing, a leather satchel, a leather pair of knee-high boots, and one pair of two-tone leather platform pumps. second, this revolutionary rain forest 31 steam shower features acupressure massage, high- quality speaker system, and a hands-free telephone. from and finally, this 42-inch gas grill features four stainless steel gas burners, a rear rotisserie burner, oversized cooking rack, and two interior halogen lights. >> drew: this game is called most expensive. we've got the toet, pumps, the steam shower over there with speakers and a phone and everything. and over there by amber we've
11:33 am
got the 42-inch gas grill. which is the most expensive prize? tell me the most expensive one, i'll give you all three. >> number two. >> drew: the steam shower. rachel, we're going to start with you with the equipment right there, how much for that? 1,286. a reasonable price. very reasonable price. amber, 42-inch gas grill, what do they go for? $3,798. i just choked on that, that's a lot of money for a grill. manuela, it's all up to you, with the steam shower. is it more than $3,798? no. sorry. i'm so sorry, we'll get him at the wheel, okay. you got an air hockey table, we'll be right back, folks, don't go away. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters,
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>> drew: welcome back everybody to "the price is right". george, i see by the old "the price is right" clock on the wall that we have time for one more contestant. who are they?xd >> george: scott hachey, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> drew: scott! here's the prize, go ahead, george. >> george: a new elliptical.
11:37 am
( cheers and applause ) the cardio strider-2 from inspire fitness is a recumbent elliptical that provides settings for two upper-body and six full-body interval programs, and includes 13 levels of resistance. from inspire fitness. >> drew: scott, what do you bid? >> 800. >> drew: $800, good luck to you. leizel? >> 1295. >> drew: 1295. good luck. jillian? >> $1300. >> drew: $1300. jiah? >> 401. >> drew: 401. good luck. here we go, actual retail price $1,795. jillian, come on up here. jillian.ñi
11:38 am
welcome to the show. where are you from? >> i'm from new york. >> drew: catch your breath, cap your breath. here we go, go ahead, george. >> george: a new car! ( cheers and applause ) it's the nissan sentra s. this compact sedan comes equipped with a two-liter engine, splash guards, keyless entry, and power windows, plus paint protection and auto armor. it's the nissan sentra. >> drew: five numbness the price of the car. look what we've got here, seven cards. you have to pick each card for the right spot. tough to do, right? but we're going to let you stack the deck in your favor by letting you pick the price of these prizes we have on the display there. each one you get right you get to pick a number, so you can fill up the three numbers with only two more to go. but you have to be really
11:39 am
careful on these ones over here. let's start with the energy shot and the pasta sauce, george. >> george: this energy shot is formulated to keep you going. francesco rinaldi, where excellent pasta sauces are like good friendships: both start with only the finest ingredients. francesco rinaldi: made by italians, enjoyed by everyone. >> drew: 299. is that for the energy shot or the pasta sauce? >> i'm going to go with the pasta sauce.ä >> drew: 2.99. pass a sauce. it is 1.99. it was the energy shot. shave cream and decorating stuff. go ahead, george. pure silk rich and luxurious shave cream for women. enjoy soothing aloe and emollients to help prevent nicks and cuts and keep your legs looking and feeling like pure silk. these edible decorations will brighten any cake. >> drew: 3.19. is that for the shave cream or the cake decorations? >> i'll say the shaving cream. >> drew: shaving cream.
11:40 am
nice can clean, shaving cream. 2.19. man! this is going to be tough. gloves and the english muffins, go ahead, george. a pair of kitchen gloves with a special cuff to prevent water from going inside. a package of six english muffins. ñr >> drew: which one is 3.99, jillian? >> english muffins. >> drew: 3.99. they are 3.99! okay, jillian, you want the first, second, third, fourth or fifth number? >> i'll take the second. >> drew: second number is a nine. all right, here we go, good luck to you. you've got to give us four numbers now. first number, one, three, four, six, seven or eight? >> one. >> drew: one. third number, three, four, six, seven or eight? >> seven.
11:41 am
>> drew: seven. fourth number, three, four, six or eight? >> four. >> drew: four. last number. three, six or eight? >> eight. >> drew: eight. $19,748.ñi jillian, good luck. here we go. for a brand new nissan sentra. one, two, three? oh, you got the first two. that was tough. sorry, jillian. guess what, you're going to get them back at the wheel, i'll bet you. showcase showdowns coming up. we're going to spin the wheel, don't go away, folks.
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>> george: closed captioning paid for in part by the following: from medicare part a to part d, for help finding a plan that's right for you, give unitedhealthcare a call today. >> drew: welcome back, everybody. our second round of wheel spinning. thomas, go ahead, start us off. close as you can to a dollar. want to say hi to somebody? >> i want to say hi to my three beautiful daughters and
11:45 am
all the veterans across the united states and overseas. >> drew: thank you,ñi buddy. 65. >> i'll stay. >> drew: stand. that's a tough decision right there. jillian, you've got to beat a 65. good luck. everybody is coming back. want to say hi to somebody? >> yes, my best friend,... my sister. >> drew: thank you. you're going to start out with 20. spin again, you gotta get to 65. gotta get to 65. without going over a dollar. 20 and... 90 is too much. oh, jillian, tough luck, i'm so sorry, take care, okay. john, come on over here, buddy, john was a little over on the harley, now he's got to beat a 65. when ever you're ready. want to say hi? >> yes, i want to say hi to my
11:46 am
mom, my brothers and sisters, my relatives and my dog maggie. >> drew: hi maggie. 10. spin one more time. see, thomas, now it's not looking so bad, the 65. he was all bummed out when he got it. this is it. gotta beat a 65 to get to the showcase. 10 and 10 is 20. sorry, buddy, nice meeting you. take care. thomas, you're on your way to the showcase, congratulations! hey, guess what, folks, go to our, you can help us vote for your favorite model starting this friday. here he comes. you wouldn't want your doctor doing your job, the pitch! whoa! so why are you doing his? only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn
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>> drew: welcome back everybody to "the price is right". we've got thomas, michelle, we're here in the showcase round. now, congratulations to both of you guys. pay close attention to the first showcase because it could go to either one of you. here we go, good luck. >> george: suit up, because you're about to unite with the superhero team of a lifetime, and you can learn all about your teammates-- thor, captain america, iron man, and the hulk-- in their epic blockbuster, marvel's "the avengers." ( cheers and applause )
11:50 am
available now, your four-disc edition of marvel's "the avengers" also comes with four limited edition prop replicas, including thor's hammer and captain america's shield. next, for the ultimate entertainment experience, watch this action-packed adventure in your new home theater. ( cheers and applause ) enhance your home theater experience with this set of three black leather reclining chairs. furnished with a solid hardwood frame, pillow-top seat cushions, authentic leather match upholstery, and chrome cup holders. plus, this ultra-slim 51-inch plasma hdtv lets you enjoy videos, music, and even photos with its built-in usb port. and this 3-d blu-ray player features web-connected apps and touch sensor controls. finally, when you're not flying around like iron man, drive around like his alter ego, tony stark, does in your brand-new
11:51 am
acura! ( cheers and applause ) this sporty acura tl sedan comes equipped with a 3.5-liter engine, automatic transmission, leather trimmed interior, and power moonroof. "the avengers" dvd combo set, a new home theater with chairs, an hdtv and blu-ray player, plus a new car: avengers assemble for this superhero showcase, if the price is right. >> drew: do you want to bid on that or pass it on to thomas? >> i'm going to bid. >> drew: i'm shocked. >> all right. 39,500. >> drew: $39,500. good luck, michelle. thomas, here's your showcase, good luck, brother. here we go.
11:52 am
>> george: we've got some super prizes for you, too, starting with a new ipad with a crystal cover. ( cheers and applause ) this 16-gig third-generation wi-fi ipad boasts a 9.7-inch display and five-megapixel camera, and this case is handcrafted with over 5,000 genuine swarovski crystals. next, add a little bling to your wardrobe with a shopping spree on legendary rodeo drive in beverly hills. ( cheers and applause ) you and a guest will be chauffeured in a limo from los angeles to beverly hills for a six-hour shopping spree with $3,500 in cash! finally, get ready to set sail on your brand-new sailboat! ( cheers and applause )
11:53 am
this west wight potter 19-foot sailboat sleeps four and comes outfitted with the select package, which includes a cockpit storage compartment, 15-gallon fresh water system, opening ports, a built-in cooler, and stove. trailer included. an ipad with a crystal cover, a $3,500 shopping spree in beverly hills, plus a new sailboat. that's three sensational prizes that are yours for the taking, but only if the price is right. >> drew: thomas, what do you think? >> 22,500. >> drew: $22,500. all right, good luck to both >> drew: $22,500. all right, good luck to both of you. we're going to find out whoñr winnings right after this.
11:54 am
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and it's only from unitedhealthcare medicare solutions. call right now or visit us online. >> drew: welcome back everybody. michelle, let's star with you. your showcase. we got a bunch of really cool avengers, home theater seats and blu-ray player, and an acura. you bid $39,500. actual retail price, $41,942.
11:57 am
a difference of 2,443. thomas, ipad with crystals on the cover, shopping spree in beverly hills and a sail boat, you bid $22,500. actual retail price, 24,755. a difference of 2,255. you won a boat. that was amazing how close that was. thomas won a boat! he won a boat! hey, check out this friday, we're going to meet the finalists for our male model search. please don't forget to get your pets spayed or neutered. hope control the pet population. see you next time. bye-bye.
11:58 am
>> drew: if you've been a >> george: this is george gray speaking for "the price is right," a fremantle media production! captioned by media access group at wgbh coming up on 9 news now at noon, we now have a better idea of how long it'll be before the
11:59 am
washington monument reopens following last year's violent earthquake. >>reporter: i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. coming up mitt romney tries to gain lost ground in some crucial swing states.

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